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About Us


Neerya aims at celebrating the strength and fluidity of Indian Handlooms, strong
and everlasting like "Neer, life sustaining water, while also meaning ‘Saree
pleats literally.
Swati and Shayak, our founders, come with a long experience in the HR and
legal domains across corporates.

With Swati’s artistic inclination since early years and being trained in arts and
Kathak, and Shayak’s deep understanding of the e-commerce sector, they
always felt rooted and dreamed of doing something significant at the ground level
and try and make a difference. 

Neerya is the first step towards building a sustainable ecosystem where an
individual weaver can one day utilise the services of an artisan thousands of
miles away through the Neerya network.

With her background in HR, Swati feels she can make a difference in organising
the handloom and handicrafts sectors. Over the next few years, Neerya aims to
work towards providing benefits similar to those that any individual in the
organised sectors may enjoy to the weavers and artisans working with them.

Fervent travellers, Swati and Shayak source directly from weavers, places they
 travel to and together they ensure that the quality on offer is pristine.

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